"We absolutely loved your programs. My wife and I have had the most interesting conversations about it. We are connecting again like we did when we first met." - J. D.
About Us
Relationship strategists, Brian and Mesia Swan, have shared their unique strategic program with numerous couples. In sharing their 4-step approach to relationship fulfillment, they have seen couples of all backgrounds and situations find a higher level of living with each other. Through their coaching strategies, they've helped estranged couples with divorce papers filed get happily back together. Couples with severe trust violations and divorce in the near future were able to repair, heal, and find bliss. Couples living in the mundane day-to-day and lost their lust for each other have found their old passion. They are proud and excited to bring their strategies to more people through their successful and highly referred audio programs. 
Our story isn't unlike any other. Married for 12 years, we had our ups and downs. Like most couples, we found ourselves intensely passionate during our honeymoon "phase" at the beginning of our marriage, but then life began to make its demands and familiarity set in. Pretty soon, passion was replaced with going through the motions, and that was soon replaced by merely trying to survive with each other. 

Our arguments became toxic and we finally hit a point where we were ready to call it quits. Brian, an attorney, drew up divorce papers and was ready to do what he felt needed to be done. But before taking that step, we took a deep breath and asked ourselves if we were really ready to divorce not just each other but the life we built together. We decided that we owed it to ourselves and our kids to make sure we tried everything available to us before we threw in the towel.

We began reading book after book, listening and engaging in program after program. We went to seminars, we researched the experts. Some of it worked, some of it didn't. Some things showed promise but didn't have enough information out there to expound on it. Brian used his legal analysis skills to become a sort of "love lawyer." If attorneys could find information and legal principles from scattered sources to tear people apart in divorces, why couldn't the same skills be used to find information and psychological principals to keep people together?

Drawing from medical research, peer reviewed journals, evolutionary psychology, numerous experts and articles, the psychology of human needs, a mountain of books, blogs, interviews, and surveys, Brian took the best of what he found and left the rest. And, with the gems of all that knowledge, our relationship fundamentally changed. Love was rekindled and set ablaze, and passion was accelerated and sustained long-term.

Other couples took notice and began asking what happened to cause the change. They were begging us to share our secret formula! So, we shared our information with them—strategies and concepts—and their relationships took the same dramatic turn! From there, we compiled our gems to create one dynamic and comprehensive program because we were eager for even more couples to experience the same radical relationship shift. 

It's our hope that each of you fully invest yourself into this program and utilize the principles we share. If you do, we are certain that you'll find a fulfillment that you were sure existed only in that long ago honeymoon "phase."  
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