Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What exactly is Relationship Passion?

A: Relationship Passion is a company started by relationship strategists and coaches, Brian and Mesia Swan. The company began after their coaching clients found drastic turnarounds in their own relationships after using Brian and Mesia's strategies. As a result of seeing their clients transformations, Brian and Mesia put the strategies into audio programs and made them available to everyone. Hence, Relationship Passion was born.

Q: What's covered in the audio programs? 

A: The audio programs and workbooks cover the best of what research offers for relationship fulfillment. The strategies and concepts come from medical studies, peer reviewed journals, evolutionary psychology, and numerous experts, including Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Tony Robbins, Esther Perele, John Gottman, and many others. Their work laid the groundwork to put together these comprehensive programs. 

Q: How long are the audio programs?

A: Ignite Your Passion runs about 3 hours. Fuel the Fire runs 11 hours. Trust Revive is 1 hour. 

Q: Does your program work for all couples, regardless of the relationship's current and past situation?

A: Yes. The strategies and concepts are universal. Regardless of whether there has been infidelity or boredom with each other these strategies will take any relationship to the next level. 

Q: What if I'm already happy, do I still need your programs?

A: You tell us. For some, being happy is good enough. For others, they want to lock in that happiness and continue to improve their relationship even more. We have found that there is no ceiling on relationship bliss and there is always another level that can be achieved. This is especially true when you understand the concepts taught in Fuel the Fire.

Q: Are your programs only for couples?

A: No. Although the programs are directed toward couples, we highly advise those that aren't in a relationship to go through the programs. By learning the strategies before your relationship, you can prevent many problems and issues from ever happening. In other words, our programs can be a sort of insurance policy for when you do find that special someone. 

Q: Are your programs only for straight couples?

A: No,. The strategies and concepts are universal because we didn't research relationships, we researched human behavior, and specifically males and females. As a result, everything is applicable to homosexual couples. This is discussed in the introduction to each program.

Q: How are the programs delivered?

A: Upon purchase, you'll be sent an email that grants access to our exclusive members area. Once inside, you will have access to all of the audio files for the program you purchased, as well as the workbook sections for that audio. We encourage you to print the workbook pages and follow along with the audio. 

Q: Can I follow you on social media?

A: Of course. We'd love the support as we get our message out that passion doesn't need to disipate after the honeymoon phase! You can follow our Facebook page by clicking here.  
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